Claridges customers deserve the Mercedes S Class chauffeur london treatment.

A luxury chaffeur service is nothing without top class vehicles. Our clients have a range of needs, but whether your needs are business, accomodating a group, or just because you deserve the best, we have the vehicles to match your needs. The choice covers suitability for the busy streets of London, practicality for Airport Transfers, and comfort for longer inter-city trips.

Mercedes S-Class

A great choice for a luxury chauffeur service. London traffic will seem a non-event. Cross country trips will seem a breeze, or if you deserve luxury airport transfer it will be a fitting vehicle. Read More.

The Mercedes S-Class for elegant poise and assurance.

Mercedes E-Class

If you are looking for an executive chauffeur company more suited to business, the E Class has a comfortable interior with reasonable leg room, it also has a little more luggage capacity than the S Class, so might be a better choice if you are in need of Luxury airport transfers across london to Heathrow or Gatwick.

Mercedes V-Class

A luxury MPV for business and 1st class airport transfers, it can accomodate multiple suitcases, or carry a larger number of people, up to 7 and with standard or extra-long versions, giving yet more space.

Other Hi Luxury 1st class models

Various  other Hi Luxury 1st class models are available including:
Range Rover, Bentley, and Rolls Royce